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Connecting students and job seekers

LinkedIn | Career Advice Recommendations

Are you seeking to make a career change?  Are you a student that is new to a professional work environment? Need some ideas that are relevant to your personal circumstances, your education, your past work experiences, your hobbies, your interests or your geographical location?


Check out a sample of ideas from 440+ career advice submissions on LinkedIn and Facebook from August 2018 to 31 October 2021.

Podcast | Student Q&A podcast sessions

Check out the ideas that flowed from Q&A podcast sessions -- a total of 21 since February 2021 -- with Haskayne School of Business students from the Master of Management, MBA and Bachelor of Commerce programs, University of Calgary Computer Science department, Software Engineering track at the Schulich School of Engineering and the Business and Communications faculty at Mount Royal University.

YouTube | Will You Review My CV?

Check out Allen's YouTube channel in which he highlights a sample of the articles he has written, and career advice submissions he has made, in a sort of "show and tell" format to help future job seekers navigate the Covid muddied waters of their career. in

Articles | Career Development Kit

Check out a series of articles, referred to as Career Development Kit (or CDK's), that Allen wrote and published on LinkedIn and Medium

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