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Reverse Pitch

Venture capital


During a conversation with Matthew Andrade in December 2020, Allen mentioned the “Reverse Pitch” concept and how it could be applied to venture capital and private equity investors as part of their “Support over the Platform” that is an increasingly important role as the investment portfolio of such VC/PE firms expands over time. 


In fact, Lerer Hippeau is just one of many VC’s that see the importance of such “support” which Stephanie Manning Cohen, Senior Director of Platform at Lerer Hippeau, outlined in this May 2019 article in Forbes:




Matthew saw additional benefit for such a “Reverse Pitch” in terms of the fundraising efforts for VC / PE companies that were not in a position to fly to Toronto, New York or London for in-person meetings with potential investors (hedge funds, fund of funds, family offices, high network individuals and/or sovereign wealth funds).

After that discussion, Allen drafted a presentation (with support and guidance from Matthew) for discussion with two Calgary-based private equity firms, TriWest Capital and ARC Financial.


All of the information contained in this Power Point presentation is based upon data or content available in the public domain (including the website of TriWest Capital) and was not compiled from confidential or proprietary information.




NOTE: Matthew Andrade was a guest on Calgary Business Podcast in connection with his e-commerce business, Gentleman Rogue (episode 200 on 6 November 2020).  Matthew is also a Chartered Financial Analyst and Managing Director, Public Investments at Werklund Family Office in Calgary.

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