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Article #1_Content Creation.jpg

Publication #1

Creative content creation

This article originated after a tweet storm in response to a Gary Vaynerchuk / D-Rock tweet

Article #2_Job Search_7 July 2018.jpg

Publication #2

Job Search 2022

This article provides a couple of "fun" scenarios for how near term job search may look for candidates.

Article #3_Retro recruiting_10 July 2018

Publication #3

Retro Recruiting Rebuked

This article stems from an off-line discussion with an MBA graduate from MIT Sloan School

Article #4_Coder Farm Teams_21 July 2018

Publication #4

Coder Farm Teams

Global, country-wide, city-wide or village level “coding incubators” to code, create and disrupt.

Article #5_Grassroots Blockchain awarene

Publication #5

Grassroots Blockchain Awareness

Grassroots programs start at a young age and inspiration was taken from the New Zealand All-Blacks

Article #6_Canadian Deck_28 July

Publication #6

The Canadian Deck

This is the second "Creative Content" article focused on an app for a Canadian deck builder.

Article #7_MVP Blockchain_30 July 2018.p

Publication #7

Blockchain MVP Selection

The adventures of building a blockchain project when all those around you don't share your passion.

Article #8_Recipe to Code_2 August 2018.

Publication #8

A Recipe to Code

This is the 3rd "Creative Content" article around a coder based in Mumbai and ideas for a "recipe" app

Article #9_Free Coding_Gimic_9 Aug 2918.

Publication #9

Free Coding "What's the Gimic?"

This article takes inspiration from Fred Wilson and the term "freemium" that he famously introduced in 2006.

Article #10_8th grade to PhD_18 Aug 2018

Publication #10

Blockchain: 8th Grade to PhD

Beth Steinen, a middle school teacher in New Jersey, provided inspiration from her July 2018 tweet