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Investor relations


In August 2018, Allen started using LinkedIn to reach out to potential investors for the two blockchain projects that he and his partner, Dustin Pierce, had mapped out: Solarnity, with a focus on supply chain and Pitchbook, with a focus on fixed income lending project.  As many will know, the LinkedIn algorithm (as with many social media platforms) tends to populate your feed with individuals having similar backgrounds, experiences or interests based upon your activity.

Blockchain startups

As a result, Allen began to receive connection requests from other individuals having blockchain related businesses.  This lead to investor relations roles with blockchain startups including Curaizon Healthcare (CEO and founder, Nicholas Rumble in UK), Digipharm Healthcare (CEO and founder, Ahmed Abdulla in Switzerland) and UnCloak Cybersecurity (CEO and co-founder, Tayo Dado in the UK).  Allen was active on these blockchain projects from September 2018 until April 2019.  The crypto “winter” in 2019 made it extremely difficult to obtain attract funding for such projects, particularly given the lack of adoption but more than a handful of sample use cases.  Accordingly, Allen is no longer actively representing these companies.

The attached Power Point presentation summarizes the framework Allen used in connection with each of these blockchain projects and can readily be applied to other industry sectors and other roles (such as for a for business development or technical staff recruiting role)


Tech and non-tech startups

Allen also took on Investor relations and advisory assignments with other startups including Bankberry Fresh out of Bengaluru, India (CEO and founder, Balaji Chavan); Timberwise Group out of Vancouver (CEO and founder, Lonny Tate); AI Vali Healthcare out of Toronto (CEO and co-founder, Azar Azad); and MobbyPark out of Mumbai, India (CEO and co-founder, Surya Tripathi).  Covid-19 had a serious impact on most of these projects, particularly AI Vali and MobbyPark.  Accordingly, Allen is no longer actively representing these companies


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