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Audiobook Narration

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In May 2020, Allen submitted his first audition to the ACX self-publishing website (a division of Amazon).  Since that time, Allen has uploaded 150+ auditions on the ACX website for a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books. 

Independent authors can access the ACX website below

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David Angeron has over 20 years as coach and scout at Professional, College, High School and Youth levels.

The audiobook was published by Audible in September 2020;  originally published by John Melvin Publishing.

Click on the link below



This book was originally published in the French language.  The English version: «How to build a real estate heritage of more than 1 million euros in less than 2 years, all from nothing” (ENGLISH VERSION) was published on Amazon in September 2020.

Click on the link below.

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This is the second book that Allen narrated for David Angeron on ACX.  This book was published by Audible / Amazon on 16 March 2021

This book provides guidance and recommendations for high school baseball players seeking to play at the college level.

Click on the link below.

Active Interviewing by Eric Kramer.jpg

This book was published by Audible / Amazon on 1 December 2020

This book provides guidance on taking an active role during the job interview process. It starts with understanding your "brand" (experience) and how to effectively match that during the interview -- before, during and after

Click on the link below.

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