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YouTube Channel
"Will You Review my CV?"

On 1 June 2021, Allen launched his YouTube channel, "Will You Review My CV?" to focus on the numerous articles he has published (both on Medium and LinkedIn) and the 430+ career advice submissions he has made on LinkedIn since August 2018

A total of 30 sessions have been recorded and released to 20 October 2022

Episode 18_Cover page_25 July 2021.png

Career advice #156 (Supply Chain);

#175 (Geologist); PPT slides

Episode 16_#121 and #130_16 July 2021.jpg

Career advice #121 (Marketing);

#130 (Hotel & Tourism); PPT slides

Episode 14_Cover Page_12 July 2021.jpg

Career advice #117 (Food Production);

#122 (Administration); PPT slides

Episode 12_WYRMCV_3 July 2021.png

Career advice #230 (HR from Canada); #231 (Fraud expert from Montreal); PPT slides

Episode 10_WYRMCV_24 June 2021.png

Two Calgary oil & gas professionals that pvoted to CFA; click for PPT slides

Episode 8_Could my experience be useful to VC startups_16 June 2021.jpg

Could my prior experience be useful to

VC Startups?

Episode 17_Advice #115 (software) & #141 (HR)_23 July 2021.png

Career advice #115 (Software engineer);

#141 (Human Resources); PPT slides

Episode 15_Cover Page_14 July 2021.png

Career advice #111 (Healthcare);

#119 (Education); PPT slides

Episode 13_Cover Sheet_9 July 2021.png

Career advice #90 (Entrepreneur, Salt Lake); #91 (Environmentalist, Boston); PPT slides

Episode 11_WYRMCV_29 June 2021.png

Career Advice #228 (UK) & #229 (Atlanta); click for PPT slides

Episode 9_Compare Career Advice 213 & 215_19 June 2021.png

Career Advice #213 & #215 from July 2019; click here to view the PowerPoint slides

Episode 7_Cover page_14 June 2021.png

Nuera Insurance: A Real Life Example

Episode 5_WYRMCV_8 June 2021.png

Finding the Open Spaces

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