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Reverse Pitch | Corporate

After de-briefing the separate Zoom calls with representatives from TriWest Capital and Arc Financial (refer to “Reverse Pitch | Venture Capital”), Matthew Andrade and Allen discussed the potential for the “Reverse Pitch” to be utilized by publicly-traded corporations in their Annual General Meetings (AGM’s) and related communications to augment existing conference calls, Zoom calls, corporate presentations and related reports connected with their Annual Report. 


The following Power Point presentations were prepared based upon data or content available in the public domain (including the websites, SEDAR filings, EDGAR filings, Crunchbase and/or other public filings) and was not compiled from confidential or proprietary information.

Stampede Drilling


Crescent Point Energy



ARC Resources


AltaGas Ltd

Northwest Healthcare Properties




In November 2020, Allen prepared powerpoint presentations for Zelos Capital (Calgary) and Hatch (a global energy consulting firm).  Both presentations were emailed to representatives in Calgary.  No action was taken subsequent to submission of such presentations:



Zelos Capital

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