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Startups and small business advisory



Gary Vaynerchuk has been in Allen's ear since March 2018 when he first heard Gary's key note Web 2.0 speech from 2008 when he said:


“If you are 49-year old Mary the Accountant or 72-year old Stan the Electrician, it is not too late to start your own business”. 




By then, Allen and his partner, Dustin Pierce, were fully immersed in planning out their blockchain project.  The primary challenge they had with the blockchain project was linked to being located in separate countries: Allen was located in Qatar and Dustin was located in the Cayman Islands. 

Allen and Dustin needed to find advisors, blockchain developers, front and back-end developers, potential investors, potential customers (to test the platform) and potential partners, to name a few.  Virtually no one responded to emails (assuming they had the correct email and contact person).  That is when Allen turned to Gary Vaynerchuk.

Gary repeatedly speaks about branding and awareness, social media, entrepreneurship, hustle, patience, persistence and a whole host of advice during his key note presentations, podcasts and Inside 4D’s workshops with startups and other founders. Throughout the rest of 2018 and all of 2019, Allen spent many hours consuming Gary’s content including his book, Crushing It.





In July 2019, upon returning to Canada from Qatar, Allen started to compile sample case studies for founders, startups and small businesses he came into contact with.


Case studies


The following case studies represent ideas that Allen compiled before, during or after meeting the respective business owners (and/or representatives). In many cases, Allen may or may not have been requested directly by them to prepare such information.  All of the information contained in these case studies is based upon data or content in the public domain and was not compiled from confidential or proprietary information linked to the underlying businesses referenced herein.


Furthermore, Allen was not compensated in any manner for such ideas and in some cases, he is not aware of whether or not such ideas, either individually or as a whole, were implemented by the proprietor for his/her business in question. 


Where applicable, relevant information has been outlined in the attached slides detailing the specific source of information and the nature of the distribution of such documenation. 


The content contained in these case studies is open source and any one is free to apply them to their own circumstances, as and where applicable.



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