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Connecting Businesses

Solarnity is about:

  • Providing practical and targeted advice to start-ups and founders around their branding and awareness efforts on traditional and social media

  • Provide ideas on conducting an effective out reach for founders / founding team to connect with advisors, potential investors and other successful companies in their sector to help them scale.

  • Providing a framework to corporate executives or founders of businesses seeking to scale on how to utilize the podcasting platform in a series of podcasts, referred to as a “Reverse Pitch” to enhance their existing marketing and communication tools. 

  • The reverse pitch can be used for investor relations / fundraising activities, internal communications (think “work from home” or remote staff) or community outreach (local, regional or national level)

Startups and Small Business


Investor Relations Outreach

Abstract Waves

Podcast | Guest

Tropical Leaves

Podcast | Reverse Pitch

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