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Calgary Business Podcast

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In September 2019, Allen started the Calgary Business Podcast ("CBP") to understand the “micro” issues that have shaped this city over the 18 years or so in which he was living and working abroad. 

Allen has interviewed small business owners, students, student founders, educators, civic officials, non-profit organization executives, healthcare executives, technology experts, founders of tech start-ups, founders of oil & gas tech start-ups, oil & gas professionals, clean tech and renewable energy experts, legal professionals, venture capital investors, real estate developers, real estate agents, residential and commercial cleaning entrepreneurs, videography and photography professionals, sensor and sensor technology experts, blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals, food and restaurant owners, home-made food stuff creators, craft brewery and craft distillery owners, kombucha and energy drink makers, digital marketing and branding executives, life coaches, career coaches, book publishers, fitness studio owners, fitness ad health coaches, children’s television directors and even an animated film producer.

Small businesses across Canada were severely disrupted by the pandemic.  Startups have been particularly impacted in their efforts to scale or grow their businesses. However, as I have seen from many of my podcast guests, innovation, creativity and the ability to pivot has resulted in many founders and business owners being able to not only survive, but thrive.  Past assumptions may or may not apply.  Prior profit margins may be irrelevant.  Marketing budgets may need to be adjusted beyond flyers, newspapers and bus-stops. 

The 403 podcast episodes to date (as of 21 December 2022) have revealed boundless ideas on the potential for small businesses and startups to connect the dots on using traditional media and various social media platforms; the potential to harmonize efforts on utilizing new technology; created awareness of low-cost tech solutions such as AWS and Chrome extensions for software developers; using API’s to connect their websites and apps to existing solutions on the market; the ease of creating an affordable and cost-effective digital and on-line presence using SquareSpace, Shopify or Jobber for their startup and small business activities; how LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and even TikTok can be considered for enhancing or creating awareness for startups and long established business models.

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Calgary Business Podcast

Click on the link below to hear founders and entrepreneurs tell their origin story.  Learn about innovative ways others managed through Covid and how their actions allowed them to not only survive, but thrive.

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Instagram Takeover

Take a moment to view a selection of the daily posts Allen made on the Instagram account of Calgary Economic Development over the 7 day period from 28 December 2020 to 3 January 2021

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Podcast Presentation

Eileen Gaetz, Digital & Emerging Media instructor, invited Allen to present "podcasting" to her students.  A short podcast session was recorded at the end (episode 93 in March 2020).  Click on the link below to access the PPT slides.

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