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Connecting Creators

Have you published a book that is available in print and on-line? 


Have you considered having that book narrated but hate the sound of your own voice?

What are you doing to get create awareness for your book and personal brand? 


What is your strategy for using traditional and social media to get the attention of your readers?


Consider the option of having your book narrated in a quick and efficient manner that matches the quality standards set by ACX (an Amazon company) in which 20 have been published on Amazon and a total of 910 units have been sold to 18 December 2021.

Consider using the Reverse Pitch concept to create a series of Podcast sound bites to promote your book (think Baskin & Robbins 28 flavors and not simply plain vanilla).

Think about the many methods to promote and distribute your book (along with the sound bites) to your readers (both existing and potential) on various social media platforms.

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