Solarnity was formed in November 2017 as an idea to change the simple, yet highly costly and inefficient, trust envelope that is lacking in cross‑border supply chain transactions.  Trust among cross border participants exists primarily through the use of 3rd party bank guarantees, letters of credit and trade finance contracts. Solarnity will introduce selected BlockChain initiatives to eliminate the need for vendors and buyers to continue transacting with such instruments.


Allen Wazny
CEO & Co-Founder

I'm a Canadian Chartered Accountant that has spent nearly 2 decades working in emerging markets: Albania, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey & UAE in senior finance roles with the World Bank, Deloitte, Integra Group and currently as CFO with Qatar Solar. BlockChain and crypto currency has been my obsession since November 2017.

Dustin Pierce
COO & Co-Founder

I'm a Canadian Chartered Accountant (CA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). My experience stems from a variety of roles in cross boarder investment vehicles, lending, alternative investments and offshore fund structures. I have developed a passion for the future potential of Blockchain and have dedicated significant time learning and developing this platform with my co-founder and advisors. 

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