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How can Solarnity help?

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Small business or startup?

Listen to small business owners & startup founders tell their story on Calgary Business Podcast

Sample one of many case studies prepared for startups and SME's

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Job seeker?

Find the YouTube episode of "Will You Review My CV?" applicable to your sector, your work experience, your education, your city or your country

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Hear the voice of students as they engage in candid and practical dialogue with industry experts about their future.

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V/C or P/E investor?

Fund-raising, buy-side and sell-side due diligence, portfolio updates, dialogue with investment teams and portfolio AGMs can benefit from a "Reverse Pitch"

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Publicly traded entity?

Reverse pitch audio can supplement communication with remote teams, investor presentations, AGM materials, employee training, government regulators & community engagement

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Author or book publisher?

Consider expanding your publication reach by having your book narrated in audio form.

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